Xray Service

We service many xray generators. Here are just a few things we do when we do a yearly maintenance:

  • Xray field to light field to target calibration
  • Clean and sanitize all surfaces
  • Calibrate Xray output within state tolerance (Useful for AHAA inspections)
  • Inspect all consumables and assess their longevity (suggests replacements for continued use)
  • Inspection of the power module
  • Provide you with a certificate of calibration report

Plus we will attempt to address any other concerns you may have about your equipment including upgrades or replacements.

* Restrictions apply. Call for details.

Summit Innovet High Frequency Xray

Digital CR & DR Services
DR and CR Services

There are many different brands of digital systems. Our mainstream digital products we service is FujiFilm, PZ Medical, Carestream and Vieworks. Most of the time, many of these systems can be fixed remotely. If you are experiencing issues with your system and with a little assistance from you, we can take a look at your systems and start a troubleshooting procedure almost immediately!

* Restrictions apply. Call for details.

Surgery Light Services

We can service most surgery lights and exam lights. We are happy to come out and get a complete diagnosis on your equipment and provide suggestions on how to proceed. We will help you see the light…..

Medical Illumination

Dental X-Ray Services
MyVet Dental Xray

Yes! We also do dental X-Rays! Does your dental arm not stay where you position it? Is the trigger mechanism not performing to your liking? Or is it simply just not working? We can help! We can fix most brands of dental X-Rays and usually the same day. Getting service for your dental X-Ray should not feel like pulling teeth! Let Les Wilkins come to your rescue!

* Restrictions apply. Call for details.

Vaporizer Services

We service and sell both isoflurane and sevoflurane vaporizers along with a broad range of different models and manufacturers. As a general rule, you should have your vaporizer serviced at least once per year. In addition to vaporizer service, we also checkout and service the anesthesia machine its on, whether it is portable or wall mounted.

VSS Vaporizers Isoflurane and Sevoflurane

Anesthesia Services
Midmark Matrix VMS anesthesia portable

Anesthesia is a surgery essential. Its even more important now than ever to keep them running at peek performance. With the increase in Veterinary traffic come dental cleanings and surgeries. You do not want to be caught sleeping at the table when you are about to perform these procedures. Let Les Wilkins maintain your anesthesia equipment and we can keep it running smoothly so you do not have to worry about malfunctions.

* Restrictions apply. Call for details.