LWA Veterinary Dental Solutions from MyVet

Veterinary Intraoral Imaging Solutions

The MyVet Imaging dental x-ray imaging systems are the ideal veterinary dental imaging solutions. They deliver superior diagnostic intraoral and periodontal images essential for successful diagnosis and endodontic treatment.

The MyVet Imaging dental x-ray solutions provide full veterinary dental imaging line-up including the world first veterinary panoramic dental x-ray system, Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology, high resolution CMOS detectors and wall or cart-mounted digital x-ray systems.

MyVet Pan i2D™ | Panoramic Dental X-Ray System

MyVet Pan i2D™ is the world’s first veterinary specialized mobile panoramic dental x-ray system.

Small animal specific panoramic dental image processing technology

MyVet Pan i2D uses tomography to take a panoramic image of small animal’s full mouth within a minute. Animal size selection switch and a positioning laser light guides practioners right position the patient easy and quickly. The ergonomic table design delivers comfort workflow to practioners by easy positioning with less preparation. The entire unit is mobile and unlike other medical system, a practioner can use it instantly without any special installation.

Fast, easy and more diagnostic for one study

Actual scan time is approximately 20 seconds for full mouth. Panoramic images provide more coverage for bone defects and jaw lesions.

Infection prevention and control

Our panoramic system does not require any intraoral sensor that has to be wrapped by a cover at every exam. You need to simply clean the bed after using the system and it helps prevent your patient from infection and keep the clinical environment clean.

MyVet Pan i2D | Features
The world’s first veterinary panoramic dental system
Veterinary specialized panoramic scanning technology and a smart acquisition software provide superior full mouth diagnostic images in a short time.
Easy and quick positioning with less preparation
The procedure can be done within 3 minutes with mild sedation and it is over 7 times faster than traditional full mouth x-ray imaging procedure.
Smart scanning software preset for different jaw sizes
With the intuitive MyVet View software, users can manipulate the image with various image controls and tools. The Pan i2D uses smart scanning presets for different jaw sizes.
MyVet Video/Specs

Veterinary Specialized Mobile Panoramic X-Ray

Changing the paradigm of workflow in veterinary dentistry


 308.6 lbs
 42.6 inch
 64(L) x 22.3(W) x 42.6(H) Inch
EzRay Vet™ Cart | Mobile Intraoral X-Ray Cart System

EzRay vet™ cart, the mobile dental x-ray cart system expedites your veterinary dental treatment procedure and provides trouble-free workflow by minimizing anesthesia risks or restraint injuries.

CNT(Carbon nanotubes) x-ray technology

  • Maximum exposure time reduced by 75% to animal and user while maintaining optimal image quality.
  • Smart angulation exposure setting control maintains consistent image density whenever tube head is angled by automatically adjusting exposure setting.
  • Image quality maximized with narrow, focused beams directed at a 0.4mm focal spot.

Ergonomic design for workflow advantage

  • Compact, lightweight, one-hand control tube head and Non-drift head.
  • Preset technique per animal size – Simple dialing and shoot.
  • Like turning on a light bulb, No warm-up time required. No waiting time for next shoot.

Animal comfort

  • Easy to position tube head with one-hand control results in reduced time.
  • Lower exposure levels required for animal during an dental imaging procedure.
MyVet Ray W | Wall Mounted Dental X-Ray System

The new generation intraoral x-ray imaging system creates a more sophiscated clinical atmosphere

Weight Innovation

  • Weight innovation with CNT (Carbon Nanotube) technology
  • Smart angulation for optimal result
  • Secure clear images with a 0.4 mm focal spot
  • Lightweight tube head
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip handle

Obtain high quality diagnostic images

  • With a 0.4mm focal spot, MyVet Ray W provides high resolution images for more exact diagnoses when acquiring maximum image information with the smallest focal spot technology

Horizontal arm length options

  • 450 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 900 mm
EzSensor Vet | Veterinary intraoral CMOS sensors

EzSensor Vet delivers superior diagnostic images essential for successful diagnosis, endodontic treatment. Our CMOS technology provides maximum diagnostic information for facilitate better treatment plans and clinical outcomes. Featuring unparalleled durability, image quality and intuitive EzSensor software, increased workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy are achieved at a low cost of ownership.Round corners, smooth edges, and a reinforced fiber optic cable connection are the results of design that focuses on patient comfort and product durability.

  • Superior image obtained with CMOS technology
  • Slim design for easy positioning
  • IP68 water and dust protection
  • Fiber optic cable connector
Changing the paradigm of workflow in veterinary dentistry


Dectector Structure
Low Noise Hybrid CMOS
Dimensions (W x L x T)
EzSensor 2.0 (1.24 x 1.69 x 0.19 inch)
Pixel Size
Theoretical Resolution
16.8 lp/mm
Active Pixel Array
1216 x 878 pixels (Bining Mode)
Data output(Interface)
Direct USB(USB 2.0)
Cable Length
8.6 Feet
Sensor dimensions and options
Size 1.0
Size 1.5
Size 2.0
Active Area
0.79 x 1.81 in
0.94 x 1.30 in
1.02 x 1.42 in
1 x 1.45 in
1.14 x 1.55 in
1.23 x 1.69 in
0.19 in
0.19 in
0.19 in
MyVet Dent™ | Veterinary Intraoral Imaging

Acquisition Software

MyVet user-friendly veterinary dental imaging software quickly acquires, processes, and manages high quality, diagnostic images. Real-time digital imaging drastically shortens treatment time by eliminating the need to process and develop film. Customizable features and tools lets veterinarians tailor software to their specific needs.

All functionality of the workstations and software are designed to allow the user to quickly and efficiently move the animal through the imaging process to proceed to the treatment phase of animal care.

  • DICOM-compliant system
  • Easy integration into the existing clinical network
  • Real-time viewing of high quality images
  • Fully integrated solution