Do you know what software your Radiologist uses?

Most folks who are in a business that require an xray will most likely have a radiologist to send the study to. For those who are established or who are looking to start their own clinic, you may want to keep on reading.  I get a fair amount a service calls per week that range from either a hardware or network issue. Lately, its been software issues. Normally, when a clinic purchases a digital package, it usually comes with a PACS (Picture Archive Computer System). This piece of software is in charge of storing all the images that you take. The manufacturer will often follow up with software updates.  This is a common practice. But what happens if you have software that talks to other software? Well if you have a PACS system, it’s a good bet that you do and it is very important to know what your Radiologist is using.

But why? As mentioned earlier, I have been receiving calls that are software based issues. Back in October of 2017, we had a customer with a Radiologist that just out of thin air, could not receive the images that our client was sending them. I was contacted about the issue after they had gone through several avenues of requesting assistance, with no answers in sight. In these situations, there are many things that can go wrong such as slow network, IP conflicts, network disconnect, the list goes on. Well after several calls and several more days of investigation, I finally called the manufacturer of the software for which the Radiologist was using.  I was received with a tech who was willing to help. I got as much as I could from them and decided that was a dead end.

I eventually got an answer to this issue. After several downloads, installing programs and a lot of testing, I found that the software the Radiologist was using had gone thru an upgrade to a newer version. Turns out, this particular version was not compatible with the PACS software. So what is an owner to do when the Radiologist you use is no longer able to support you just because their software got updated. There is only one answer to this issue. You must upgrade or update your software.